Meeting Women’s Health Care Needs 2016

13 Oct 2016 . Le Meridien, New Delhi

Overall objectives of the FOGSI PSI partnership event are as follows:

1. Share the learning from the field on comprehensive service delivery on family planning and access to safe medical abortion under Pehel;

2. Brainstorming on the scope of integration of other health services like cervical cancer, GBV etc as part of a comprehensive service delivery package through private providers;

3. Share the next level of PSI-FOGSI partnership towards delivering quality integrated services involving private providers.


Logistic Support Highlights:

Ticketing: Managed by PSI Travel Desk.

Accommodation: Hotel selection and contracting was taken care by Indiattitude. We also had to coordinate with the PSI team to prepare the rooming list. We should ensure that the rooming list should have clear instructions for billing and extra expenses. PSI prefers to pay for one night or two nights in special cases. Welcome letter had to be checked and approved by Mr LK Rao.

Conference Venue: PSI always prefers 5-star venue to organize their conference. This year they chose Sovereign hall at Hotel Le Meridien, which is centrally located in the heart of Delhi. Their main ballroom - Sovereign hall is located in basement. AMT/PMT and Lunch was served inside the Sovereign Hall. Booking of Le Meridien was done by Indiattitude and will be billed to us.

Signage: Backdrop, Welcome panel, Direction signage, Standees inside the hall.

Vendor: Sun Business provided us all the AV, Signages etc. (Normally we take from Globe for this conference)

Dinner: Dinner was part of the room package on MAPAI.

Conference Kits:  Cloth bag was used for conference. All participants got a bag with Pen, Notepad, Agendas, Brochures and CDs inside.


Challenges and how we overcame:

PSI India follows the process of inviting event agencies to bid for their conference. They select on the basis of committee marking and low cost, which is taken care by their A&F team. Once the agency has been assigned for the Project, A&F team introduces the agency to their Programme officer for the particulars of the programme or conference.

The programme officer finalizes all the changes, additional requirement and designs. However, if there is any additional cost incurred, agency has to go through their A&F process and necessary approvals are required.

Agency has to be attentive about the written approvals for everything from the Programme officer as well as the A&F team. In case of advance payment for hotels, we need to have a cancelation clause on contract with signature from PSI for any further changes or cancelation of event.

While budgeting we need to give extra attention for cost being quoted to them, the A&F team is not flexible if there are any errors.

There might be some onsite requirements, do ensure to take the approval first before confirming to our vendor.

The PSI A&F team does not behave 


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