• Job Title
    Event Manager-MICE
    Opening date
    01 Jul 2018 To 31 Jan 2019

    Event Manager/Senior Manager-MICE


    Job Description

    Client Servicing & Relationship Management to enhance the existing business and develop new prospects


    1. Formulates a Project Plan with Task Allocation & timelines
    2. Researches the Project Deliverables and ensure communication with client for clear  understanding of the requirement
    3. Disseminates & controls tasks and ensure quality and consistency
    4. Responsible for communication between clients and Operations Team to ensure project is on track as per timeline
    5. Control the cost Budget viz  Revenue to ensure Project Profitability
    6. Responsible for Plan & Execution of the project as per standards of service in the Organization
    7. Regularly Review Project Plans to ensure Quality
    8. Conducts Internal feedback and meeting and ensure scope for improvement for Future Projects
    9. Gather client Feedback and ensure corrective action to maintain long term relationship with client
    10. Well versed with technology and proper utilization of CRM
    11. Administrative checks of vendor invoices to ensure timely project closure and billing




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