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  1. No upfront cost for registration

    Are you spending time worrying about how much you have to pay for event registration services? Remove your monetary worries by choosing us. Reach for our excellent services and you won’t have to pay any upfront registration fees. The best part about working with us is that we are India’s leading PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) and we walk the extra mile to add value to the long-term objectives of our clients and partners.

  2. Free Website and E-mail marketing

    More and more people are reaching out for events and conferences online. A professional website helps you to connect with your potential attendees easily. With Indiattitude, it is fast, easy and absolutely FREE. Not only this, to get the most out of emails, we run customized email marketing campaigns for you. For each conference and event you have, we help to promote like no other.

  3. Increased Registration Revenue

    Events are all about people. To increase registrants for your event, it needs to reach out to people. Our search optimized website and powerful email marketing ensures that the news of your event reaches out to its potential audience. Increased registrants ensure increased revenue for you, while being cost effective.

  4. Complete Administrative Support for delegates

    We offer real time administrative support to your delegates for the events. Be it online or on-site registration, help with OnArrival app, payment issues or more, our team of professionals are available to provide complete support, be it 50 delegates, 5000 or more. Our excellent event management services and 15 years of experience help to pull together a successful event.

  5. Payment management and Accounting

    We offer incredible array of features to help you organize an EPIC event. Dealing with the complexities of event management accounting including scheduled attendee payment processing using credit cards and checks is anything but simple. We resolve these issues with payment management and accounting services to minimize administrative costs and detailed reports for error free bookkeeping.

  6. Payment integration with HDFC bank

    Events and conferences around the world are harnessing the power and potential of e-commerce, to save time and money. We set up for you an integrated payment gateway with HDFC bank. It has the latest technology, system capabilities, credit facilities and expertise in place to serve as a one-stop solution that is effortless, efficient and affordable.

  7. Real Time reports on secured web URL

    Getting real time custom reports is a snap with Indiattitude. We offer detailed reports with rich visuals to track the success of your conference or event. You can analyze what worked and what not by tracking the number of attendee to see who registered online. The reports are generated in a timely manner on secured web URL that are shared with you.

  8. Online registration on one of the world's leading event platform

    Maximize your efficiency with latest technology by online event registration. Not only does it reduce cost but enables the registrants to move through the registration process quickly and without confusion or complications. Give your attendees a better experience with our excellent online registration services, on the world’s leading event platform- CVENT.

  9. On-Site Registration management with on arrival application

    Say goodbye to the hassles of onsite event management. Keeping abreast with the latest technology and international event standards, we provide OnArrival app. This app ensures that on-site check-in and management is a breeze. With just a swipe or by scanning the QR code, attendees can check-in for sessions. The best part is that the app even works when you are offline.

  10. Partnership model for registration revenue

    Take advantage by making Indiattitude your registration partner where you can maximize revenue. Add value to your conferences and meetings by partnering with Indiattitude and avail the benefits of excellent event management services at reduced costs. Expand your event horizon with greater opportunities by teaming with our dynamic organization for success and profit.

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