10X Group Seminars

Generate Leads Through Focussed Group Seminars to Your Prospective Customers

Organizations are striving to capture the attention of their prospects to provide with effective customized solutions and services. According to a survey. 85% of people build stronger, more meaningful relationships during a face-to-face interaction and these can be built through focused group discussions.

Indiattiiude introduces the concept of Focused Group Meetings. We help to facilitate deliberate sales pitch to a niche audience of decision makers which are result oriented. The objective facilitating such group meetings is to build a piallorm which supports the targeted meeting with the key decision makers. Such meeting will be key enablers to generate interest and have one to one interaction and provide customizable solutions and services.

Find and acquire new clients Connect 1-1 with prospective target clients Deliver customized solutions to drive increased value.

Delegate Profile

  • Existing Clients
  • Prospective Clients

Role of lndiattitude

  • Invite focused target group
  • Venue Selection and contracting
  • Onlne and onsite registration
  • Designing and branding
  • Delegate Marketing
  • Onsite management


Harvinder Singh
Email : harvindersingh@indiattitude.com
Mobile : 9650694818



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